Torque limiters / overload couplings

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Torque limiters / overload couplings

Torque limiters (overload couplings) are vital components in the drive train. They help to avoid longer downtimes and expensive repairs along with the resulting costs. In case of overload resulting from a breakdown in the operation of the plant, the torque-limiting systems (torque limiters) uncouple driving and driven side while protecting the drive train from larger damages. That is why they are mostly referred to as safety couplings.

Overload couplings operate following various operating principles: 

The frictionally engaged, load-holding torque limiters (RUFLEX) and the positive-locking, load-separating ball engagement couplings (e. g. SYNTEX and KTR-SI).

Our range of torque limiters (overload couplings) includes torque limiters (RUFLEX), overload couplings (KTR-SI) and backlash-free safetycouplings (SYNTEXSYNTEX-NC and KTR-SI Compact).

RUFLEX® Torque limiter

RUFLEX torque limiters are load-holding, frictionally engaged torque limiters. The construction kit system of the RUFLEX

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