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Oil/water cooler plate heat exchanger PHE

Plate heat exchanger with soldered stainless steel plates

The oil/water cooler PHE is a soldered plate heat exchanger made up of two end plates, specifically corrugated flow plates and four connections.

The stamped plates of the plate heat exchanger are made of stainless steel and are soldered with copper, they generate high power density in tight spaces.
Vacuum brazing of the contact points produces a permanently sealed, compact and pressure-resistant heat exchanger that cannot be opened for inspection.

Compared to a bundle of pipes heat exchanger, the plate heat exchanger only requires approx. 25 – 30 % of mounting spaces with less weight.

Applications of our oil/water cooler PHE plate heat exchanger:

The plate heat exchangers PHE are most suitable for clean water low in lime, for example with a closed cooling circuit. Our oil/water cooler PHE is provided with painting appropriate for maritime applications (CDP + powder painting). 
Applications are machine tools, test benches ,injection moulding machines, pump units, heat recovery, etc.

It is possible to use other media, for example oil, water glycol, water,  refrigerants, etc.

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