MMC combined coolers

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MMC customized compressor cooler

Heat exchanger for compressors – for mobile and stationary systems

Every MMC cooler (Mobile Machinery Cooler) is a project-specific version, calculated and developed by our engineers.

The MMC hydraulic cooler is a heat exchanger element based on a modular design. The compressor heat exchanger is used for cooling of compressed air in pressure boosting systems. An aftercooler is used to lower the temperature while reducing the moisture content in the air in parallel.

Heat exchangers for the compressor segment require performance-related designing as well as pressure-related selection and production specifications. The entire conception is implemented by our team of engineers and our in-house manufacture. Performance requirements, installation space specifications and flow situations are fed into thermodynamic engineering.

Applications of our compressor coolers (MMC compressor coolers):

Our MMC compressor cooler is a cooler type for rough operating conditions. The compressor cooler is used on engines that are started with compressed air. System engineering according to customized and application-specific demands.

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