Passive Floating Caliper Brakes

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Passive floating caliper brakes

Our range of passive floating caliper brakes (brakes and brake systems) includes hydraulic spring-operated floating caliper brakes (KTR-STOP) and electromechanical floating caliper brakes (EMP-STOP).

KTR-STOP® hydraulic, spring-operated floating caliper brake:

The spring-operated floating caliper brake KTR-STOP works without any axial forces. It offers reliable protection against damage to the drive train, even if there is an incorrect setting or an error in the installation. Depending on the size, the passive, hydraulic floating caliper brake KTR-STOP is used as an operating, stop or safety brake.

EMP-STOP electromechanical floating caliper brake:

The spring-operated floating caliper brakes EMB-STOP are distinguished by their high level of reliability and efficiency. They are highly suitable if fast response times are required and loads need to be absorbed in an emergency. The passive, electro-mechanical floating caliper brake EMB-STOP is used primarily as an emergency stop brake and emergency brake.


The torsionally flexible and fail-safe POLY-NORM® shaft couplings are characterized by their short design.

ROTEX® torsionally flexible jaw couplings

ROTEX® torsionally flexible jaw couplings are elastomer couplings characterized by a compact design. These shaft couplin

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