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Highly flexible shaft couplings

Highly flexible shaft couplings compensating for high displacements and damping vibrations

Highly flexible shaft couplings are suitable for offsetting high axial, radial and angular displacements and damping vibrations and torque shocks.

EVOLASTIC highly flexible couplings

The highly flexible coupling EVOLASTIC with the elastomer element prestressed to pressure are capable of reducing torsional vibrations in the drive train in a maintenance-free manner and absorbing shocks caused by overload smoothly.

BoWex HEW Compact highly flexible couplings

highly flexible curved-tooth gear couplings BoWex HEW Compact in the material combination steel hubs/elastomer allow for a maintenance-free continuous operation with extremely low coefficients of friction on the teeth.

BoWex® HEW Compact curved-tooth gear coupling

The curved-tooth gear coupling BoWex HEW Compact is a highly flexible shaft-to-shaft coupling particularly suitable for compensating for high…

EVOLASTIC® highly flexible shaft couplings

The EVOLASTIC expands KTR’s coupling range by a backlash-free, torsionally soft all-rounder, for example for applications in frequency-controlled…

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