Oil/water cooler

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Oil/water coolers (plate heat exchangers or bundle of pipes heat exchangers)

High cooling capacity despite small dimensions

Oil/water coolers perform cooling in a very effective way.  Since water has high thermal conductivity, oil/water coolers have a very compact design while safeguarding a high cooling capacity. Mainly two types of oil/water coolers are used in hydraulics – plate heat exchangers or bundle of pipes heat exchangers.

Applications of our oil/water coolers (plate heat exchangers or bundle of pipes heat exchangers):

Our oil/water heat exchangers are selected based on the application:

3 - 500 kW cooling capacity

Oil/water cooler TAK/TP

Bundle of pipes heat exchanger: bundles of pipes are replaceable

1 to 150 kW cooling power

Oil/water cooler PHE

Plate heat exchanger with soldered plates made of stainless steel

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