EMB-STOP RL electric locking bolt

Reliable, electric locking bolt for wind turbines

The EMB-STOP RL is an electric locking bolt.

The electric locking bolt, also called rotor lock,is a locking system that is used to lock the rotors of wind turbines mechanically in case of inspections after shutdown.

Rotor lock systems of the series EMB-STOP RL are the electrical version of our locking bolt and are suitable for cross forces up to max. 4,000 kN in wind turbines (wind energy plants).

Alternatively to the electric rotor lock, we also supply the hydraulic rotor locking system KTR-STOP RL.


  • Locking bolt (rotor lock) primarily for wind turbines
  • Easy assembly, maintenance-free
  • maintenance-free
  • Variants for other applications possible (see also EMB STOP SBT)
  • Transverse forces up to 4,000 kN
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