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Thruster brakes KTR-STOP TB

This brake is spring-operated. In the event of a power failure, it engages and is released via a brake fan. The braking torque of the spring-operated disk brake and drum brake can be set on site.

The drum brake meets all requirements of the DIN 15435 and the disk brake corresponds to the industrial standard, which means that the Thruster brakes can be integrated easily into existing systems. Depending on the application case, the brake can be fitted with organic brake pads or powder metal.

Our spring-operatedThruster brake is the spring system surrounded by a closed tube. This improves protection against damage and dirt.

KTR-STOP TB as a disk brake or drum brake:

Our Thruster brakes are available as disk brakes (KTR-STOP TB S) or as drum brakes (KTR-STOP TB T).

On request, the electrohydraulic braking systems can be equipped with other technical options, e.g. an automatic wear readjustment unit, a manual blower, a limit switch (for braking conditions and pad wear) or a impact absorption.

Application areas for our Thruster brakes (disk brakes) KTR-STOP TB:

The electrohydraulic braking systems of the KTR-STOP TB series are equipped with lifting equipment from Ed 230/50 to Ed 3000/120, and can be used as an operating brake and also as a safety brake. Main application areas are crane systems, winches and conveyor belts, as well as steelworks and material transport.

Drum brake with settable braking torque

Disk brake with settable braking torque

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