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EMB-STOP SBT Stop Block Turn device

For ship drives up to 25 MW per propeller shaft

The Stop Block Turn brake EMB-STOP SBT is made up of one or several disk brakes, locking elements and turning devices.

Out SBT devices (Stopping – Blocking – Turning) are mainly used on propeller shafts in maritime applications: from small yachts to cruise ships or large supply vessels. 

The functions “stopping”, “blocking” and “turning” can optionally be performed individually or as a double or triple combination:

  • Individually:
    »stopping«, »blocking« or »turning«
  • Double:
    »stopping and blocking«, »stopping and turning or »blocking and turning«
  • Triple:
    »stopping, blocking and turning«

All versions are supplied along with a control allowing for local triggering of the device from the engine room or from the navigation bridge. The SBT device is available as an electrical or hydraulic version. State-of-the-art electrical ship drives can additionally be equipped with the “all electric” version which is very quiet.

Properties of Stop Block Turn device EMB-STOP SBT:

– electromechanical / hydraulic brake system
– blocking device propeller shaft
– turning device propeller shaft
– high torques up to 126 kNm
– high blocking torques up to 645 kNm
– high brake torques up to 400 kNm

The type with electric brake is self-locking which means that it remains in the current condition, i. e. released or applied even if the supply voltage fails.

Signals: brake released, brake applied, wear of brake pad, locking pin extended, turning device engaged, turning device in resting position and locked.

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