Active floating caliper brakes (hydraulic or electromechanical)

Our range of active floating caliper brakes (brakes and brake systems) includes hydraulic floating caliper brakes (KTR-STOP) and electromechanical floating caliper brakes (EMP-STOP)

KTR-STOP hydraulic floating caliper brake:

The hydraulically applied floating caliper brakes KTR-STOP operate free from axial forces, thus prevent damages on the drive train reliably even in case of misadjustment or failures of installation. Depending on the size the active hydraulic floating caliper brakes KTR-STOP are used as service brakes, holding brakes or safety brakes.

EMP-STOP electromechanical floating caliper brake:

The electrically applied floating caliper brakes EMB-STOP are solid electrical industrial brakes used in particular as a holding brake, parking brake and maintenance brake.
The electrical shaft brake is in a position to keep the plant without energy on numerous applications.
When the brake is applied, it will remain applied without any further energy demand. The brake cannot be applied inadvertently during operation.


Torsionally flexible jaw couplings and pin & bush couplings offset angular, radial and axial shaft displacement within defined ranges. The elastomer dampens shock and torsional vibrations in the drive train.

Our active floating caliper brakes (hydraulic or electromechanical):

KTR-STOP® active hydraulic floating caliper brakes

The active floating caliper brakes KTR-STOP are hydraulically applied disk brakes providing the benefit to operate nearl

EMB-STOP active electrical floating caliper brakes

The active floating caliper brakes EMB-STOP are electrically applied disk brakes convincing by their high degree of reli

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