Flexible jaw couplings and pin & bush couplings

Torque limiters for accurate and safe torque limitation

The RUFLEX torque limiters are load-holding, frictionally engaged torque limiters. The construction kit system of the RUFLEX torque limiters provides solutions for every drive.

The combination of the renowned KTR couplings such as ROTEX elastomer couplings or BoWex gear couplings and the integration of customized driving components (e. g. sprockets) allows for overload protection optimally adjusted to the application for torques up to 12,000 Nm.

Our range of torque limiters includes RUFLEX Standard, RUFLEX torque limiter with sprocket, RUFLEX max. (torque limiters in a lengthened design for wide components), RUFLEX with ROTEX (torque limiter for shaft-to-shaft connections) and RUFLEX with BoWex (torque limiter as a torsionally stiff double-cardanic shaft-to-shaft connection).

Applications of our torque limiters: 

  • construction machinery
  • crushers, agricultural machinery
  • conveyor systems
  • packaging machines
  • textile machines


  • Load-holding, frictionally engaged safety couplings / torque limiters
  • Load-holding torque limiters with a high power density
  • Positive-locking overload protection up to 12,000 Nm
  • Large wear volume for a long service life
  • Easy setting of slippling torque with standard tools
  • Setting to the torque requested by the customer possible by the manufacturer
  • Zinc-plated surfaces

Overview of flexible jaw couplings and pin & bush couplings:

RUFLEX® Standard

Without driving component, versatile

RUFLEX® with sprocket

With integrated sprocket acc. to DIN or ANSI

RUFLEX® max.

For larger driving components by widened bearing


With torsionally flexible jaw coupling

RUFLEX® with BoWex®

With torsionally stiff curved-tooth gear coupling

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