MMC combined coolers

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MMC customized engine system coolers (Mobile Machinery Cooler)

Heat exchanger for mobile machinery for cooling of engines and hydraulic oil

Every MMC cooler (Mobile Machinery Cooler) is a project-specific version, calculated and developed by our engineers.

MMC engine system coolers are high-performance coolers made of aluminium for cooling water, oil, charge air and/or fuel. This cooler type was specifically designed for rough operating conditions. Our MMC engine system coolers are used, inter alia, in commercial vehicles like agricultural machinery, forestry machinery and construction machinery.

MMC engine system coolers – individual selection following customized specifications

The selection of laminas of our MMC engine system coolers is individually adjusted to every application, from system engineering to sophisticated overall systems including fans and different drive technologies.

The block thickness of our MMC engine system coolers are available from 32 to 200 mm. The cooler geometries are adapted to the respective mounting situation (mostly limited mounting spaces) together with the customer.

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