Steel laminae coupling

All-steel couplings with laminae sets made of high-strength and stainless spring steel.

The steel laminae sets were developed based on FEM calculations.

Considering the necessary displacement capacity of the steel laminae coupling, we realized the optimum shape with regard to torque transmission and torsional stiffness.


  • All-steel coupling / Laminae coupling
  • Torsionally stiff, backlash-free and maintenance-free steel laminae coupling
  • High displacement figures
  • Rated torques up to 280,000 Nm
  • Single-and double-cardanic types
  • Standard series up to a shaft diameter of 330 mm

Our steel laminae couplings

RADEX®-N steel laminae couplings

All-steel laminae coupling. The heart of the RADEX-N steel laminae coupling are the laminae sets along with their connection to hubs and spacers.

RIGIFLEX®-N Steel laminae couplings

The RIGIFLEX®-N steel laminae couplings are used wherever reliable and backlash-free torque transmission with simultaneous shaft displacement is…

RIGIFLEX® High-performance couplings

RIGIFLEX® High-performance couplings

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