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Hydraulic components

For almost 60 years we have provided the industry with a continuously growing range of hydraulic components from our in-house development: accurate selection, high-quality processing, quick availability and low prices.

Our range of hydraulic components includes bellhousings and accessories (bellhousings made of aluminium or cast iron, bellhousings for servo hydraulics, damping rings, damping rods, elastic flanges, foot flanges and gaskets), tanks and tank accessories (tanks made of aluminium or steel, oil sump pans, cleaning covers and oil level indicators) as well as temperature controllers and temperature monitoring (temperature feelers, oil temperature valves, industrial controllers, tank heater, level switches, temperature switches, filler necks and oil level indicators).

Our hydraulic components:

Temperature control and level monitoring

To increase the service life of the overall system, we provide efficient solutions to monitor and control the temperature

Bellhousings, damping elements and Accessories

Our range includes bellhousings (aluminum, cast iron or for servo hydraulics), damping rings, elastic flanges.

Tanks and accessories

We offer a wide standard range: steel tanks, aluminum tanks, oil sum pans, cleaning covers, oil level indicators – from.

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