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Low Emission Packing

JD Jones produces high-purity graphite with few harmful elements such as chlorides, fluorides, and sulphides decreasing the possibility of breakdown at high temperatures and the development of oxide, minimizing volume loss and improving tightness. The braided end rings serve as excellent wiper rings, preventing the accumulation of free graphite/contamination on the valve stem while also improving extrusion resistance, pressure resistance, and dimensional stability.

Low Emission Packing

NA 715 - Expanded Graphite + Inconel Wire Mesh Jacketing + Inconel Wire Reinforced Braided Packing

Expanded graphite packing having an Inconel wire mesh jacketing over each yarn, further reinforced with multiple Inconel wire inside each yarn

  • Passed API 589/607 Fire Safe tests from Yarmouth Research and Technology
  • Passed API 622 FE test with 3 ppm average leakage from Yarmouth Research and Technology

NA SP1 Low Emission Packing Ring Set - Low Emission Packing Set

  • The most advanced and revolutionary technology all braided valve packing set designed for extreme performance
  • An ‘Ultra’ low emission packing set tested at Yarmouth Research and Technology, USA and passed as per API 622, 2nd edition with 12 ppm average leakage
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